Love ..
swept every generation with no age limit,
beautiful gift without coercive and intermediaries,
it comes with a greeting gaze and word, if gone??
transformed as wound coloring the world is suffering.

Love ..
Allah grace to Adam and Eve in paradise,
The incident penetrated every creature in the world,
no body could run away from romance,
cause life elements is love.

Love ..
beat laughter, jokes, treasure, degrees, honors and even whole world submit to him,
he made suffer to be happy,
laughter to tears,
miserable towards a prosperous,
problem build the solution.

Love ..
Islam forbids the wrong way lovers did,
applicable strange like animal without sense,
ignoble family his birth become a shameful,
decided to do shameful way just for a second passion.

Love ..
The gift of GOD for his servants in the universe,
No legal limit in order to avoid a disgraceful and despicable nature,
the beauty of love if flow goes according syar'i romance,
lawful and freely with the barrier in enjoy it.

Islamic love .. gave birth to the holy generation as RABBI order,
God love is so beautiful paradise,
live love with the owner's of the earth,
convince yourself that GOD's will favor bestowed sustenance,
nothing other than the eternal love DIVINE RABBI eternal ruler of this entire universe.
I'm afraid the behavior during breathing world,
sometimes my heart astray knitting spiteful, jealous and arrogant,
This thought always manipulate sin to do even plotting perversity,
This eye view favors is strictly prohibited while the guidance is often closed,

Ya Rasulullah

Ya Rasulullah..
We miss you action that just written in hadith but we never meet,
if we meet you just a second we gonna feel this world is nonsense,
to many stories of you but we never meet the fact of that narrative we come along with you, cause you are gone,
very lucky those can face to face with you on your times, but we are not being hopeless cause shalawat it's our relatival with you until the end of the world.

Ya Prophet..
Our best wishes for you that you leave behind a treasure that get the best of jewel,
word of Allah and your Sunnah no two if we read and follow it in earnestly with sincere,
without word of Allah and your sunnah we just being vile carcass,
although we have a lot of treassure and we have the world its nothing in the eyes of Allah owner universe.

Prophet Muhammad..
what a beauty words comes out and your attitude too,
all the human in that times believed even though they shy to give expression,
the noble of moral in you like the sun and rain fertilized the earth,
courtesy in you is the key to conquer the earth toward hereafter.

Now your followers in anxiety of the people despotic propaganda,
various problem arise even harrasing you that invite our angry to fight,
we don't want they drawing you in the cartoons movies,
we just want them respected you cause we love you and you are our figure even role model.

There are a different thought between your follower about your birth commemorate,
not about bid'ah or other problems, but it was a deeply love of your followers to you,

What a Beauty World

what a beauty world with grace of Allah we could see it,
if we blind the beauty of these world just a fairy-story,
even the hearth was a source of body light and the king,
eye misguided however hearth become a king for body and soul.

Sea view with a beauty the sound of waves but has a dangerous character,
if we sea view from the surface its hollow by the rytm of waves,
nevertheless if we dive in deeply ocean we bewitched of beautifully in it.

yet the sea has anger to if the calm belonging to him we disturbed,
sea could struggle supposing for his belongging was helter skelter,
ocean has a revenge to if he want to do it,
a wave fell wound if our words make it hurt.

Look at the green wilderness,
but he was also sensitive to touch by our hand,
originally only need a polish that does not damage his destiny,
the hands of the devil who spawned the disaster of the wilderness.

In it we enjoy different views of the ocean,
the wind was blowing cradles us in the swing matchless,
Can we keep it? or expect anger that devastated the entire universe.

Look upwards ..
To the beauty found in clouds, moon, stars and sun,
whether the evidence favors we have to eliminate without maintaining and grateful,
given the beauty will bring us swayed,
but reject the natural beauty will give birth to a mirage,
ephemeral and empty then there is no sense of beauty of the universe,
if we were enjoying it did not have the angel's hand.

Bow down your eyesight,
we will obtain the grace that the beauty of the universe is only temporary,
the views will disappear when the body helpless grave call to see beauty,
in the eternal beauty of the earth would we get,
the land has the beauty of life that are invaluable to anything,
the natural beauty we enjoy the beauty of the future is just beginning grabbing,
natural beauty tomb full of question marks,
but surely pick up every animate creature.

The beauty of the universe is there,
natural beauty of the grave,
the beauty of heaven is a beauty essential.

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